In this article you will learn how to create a Pay-Per-View Paywall Package to which you can then add 1 or multiple Tickets with different prices, expiry periods to your single Media Players as well as to your Playlist Players. If you want to check out some Pay-Per-View Demos and extra information please visit our Pay-Per-View information page.


  • To create new Pay-Per-View Paywall Packages you will need to go to ⚙️ Settings > Pay-Per-View 🔽 > Paywalls & Tickets
  • Here you will see a list of your current Pay-Per-View Packages as well as the default Free To Watch package. 
  • To create our new Paywall Package you will need to click on the ➕New Paywall button.
  • Now in the Paywall Setup Panel in the center, give your Paywall package a name.

Show Paywall To Viewer: Choose when your viewer sees the Paywall. 

  • Immediately: The immediately option will bring up the tickets to the viewers as soon as the viewers press the play on the Player.
  • With Delay: Here you can enter a set amount of seconds of Free Viewing Time before the Paywall will be displayed to the viewer after they press the play button.

To save your Paywall simply click on the green ✅ Save button below.

With your Paywall created you are now able to add tickets to it. Please follow this link to learn more about Pay-Per-View Tickets ->

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