Learn how to connect your PayPal account to our Pay-Per-View system as a Payment Gateway and start using it as your payment processor for your client's Credit Card, Debit Card and PayPal payments.  If you want to check out some Pay-Per-View Demos and extra information please visit our Pay-Per-View information page.


  • To enable your PayPal as Pay-Per-View Gateway you will need to go to the ⚙️ Settings tab. 
  • Here under Setup you will find the Pay-Per-View 🔽 menu. Click on it to expand the sub-sections and select the Payment Gateways tab which will display the available Payment Gateways in the centre column.
  • Click on the Paypal Express Gateway in the center column. This will open the PayPal Setup Panel on the right.
  • Here you can change the default name from PayPal Express to something else if desired.
  • PayPal Email: Here you will need to enter your paypal email address to where all your client’s payments will be made. 
  • Domain: Here you need to click on the drop down selector and choose your PayPal Account's native domain. For example a US PayPal account is simply paypal.com whilst a UK PayPal account is paypal.com/uk.
  • IPN Notification URL: See separate Setup information below.
  • Image: Here you can change the Default PayPal Image that is displayed to your viewers by uploading your own one.
  • 🔘 Enable Payment Gateway: Clicking on the slider and placing it to the On position enables the Payment Gateway to be used for your Pay-Per-View videos.
  • 🔘 Show Payment Instruction Page: Clicking on the slider will enable a page with instructional steps to be displayed after the viewer clicks on the Buy button. 
  • With the Instructions page enabled you are able to modify the text text displayed on that page to your liking. 
  • Now we simply click on the green ✔ Save button to save save your PayPal Payment Gateway.


You will need to Setup your PayPal IPN Notification URL in your PayPal account. This controls that when the user makes a payment the confirmation is sent back to our system to be able to give access to the viewer to their purchased video or playlist.

  1. Login to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com
  2. Go to Profile -> Profile & Settings > My Selling Preferences
  3. Then go to Instant Payment Notification > Update
  4. On the IPN Information page click on the Choose IPN Settings button. 
  5. You will be presented with the IPN Settings page. Here enter the following Notification URL: http://streamingvideoprovider.co.uk/index.php?l=ppv_pmt&a=pp_ipn
  6. Select “Receive IPN messages (Enabled)” and press “Save” 
  7. Under Profile > Profile & Settings > My Selling Preferences > PayPal button language encoding Click on More Options
  8. Change both dropdowns to UTF-8 and Save
  9. Once the IPN has been set up click on the ☑️ I confirm I have completed the required setup tick box.

Note: Please ensure your PayPal account is set to automatically accept payments made in other currencies different than your default PayPal currencies, without the need for you to manually accept them. If you are unsure of if this is currently the case, please contact PayPal and ask them regarding this matter.

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