In this article you will learn how to Live Stream to your Live Player using your Wirecast software encoder. If you want to check out some Live Streaming Demos and extra information please visit our Live Streaming information page.


  1. Login to your account, Create a new Live Player or use one of your existing ones.
  2. Select the Live Player you wish to use in the Central Media View
  3. Now select the 🎥 Live Studio button in the top media view. This will open the Live Studio as a Pop up. 
  4. Choose RTMP Encoder as your Source.
  5. Install Wirecast on your computer. 
  6. Open Wirecast and select Output then Output Settings.
  7. In the Output Settings select RTMP Server to setup your RTMP details.
  8. Give your RTMP Server settings a name. We recommend naming it the same as your stream quality such as Stream 1080p.
  9. Now select the Encoding Drop Down List to choose your desired transmission quality such as H.264 1080p.
  10. We now need to enter the Address by copying the RTMP URL from  🎥 Live Studio and pasting it into the Wirecast Address box.
  11. With the RTMP Address entered, we will now need to copy the RTMP Stream from 🎥 Live Studio and paste it into the Wirecast Stream box.

The above settings are sufficient if you want to stream as a single bitrate live stream.

Multi Bitrate Streaming Settings with Wirecast

If you wish to send a Multi Bitrate Live Stream then you simply need to click on the Add button and add one or two more Stream servers. Simply repeat the above steps and select with the same RTMP URL as Address.

When creating Stream Server 2 and 3 simply add the number 2 and number 3 at the end of the Stream Key to send the second and third RTMP stream. 


Stream 1:

Encoding = H.264 1080p
RTMP URL = rtmp://
RTMP Key = xxxxxxxxxxxx

Stream 2:

Encoding = H.264 720p
RTMP URL = rtmp://
RTMP Key = xxxxxxxxxxxx2

Stream 3:

Encoding = H.264 360p
RTMP URL = rtmp://
RTMP Key = xxxxxxxxxxxx3
  1. Click on the OK button to save your Stream Server Settings
  2. Select which source you would like to stream from Wirecast such as a camera or some local videos 
  3. Click the right arrow button to activate the currently selected source.
  4. Start sending the signal from Wirecast by clicking the Stream Button and check that it's being received in the 🎥 Live Studio.
  5. Start and Stop your broadcast from the 🎥 Live Studio.



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